Price Tag VII

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Date - 04-01-2020
9:00 - 22:00


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Kick-Off of Danish Masters 2020 is Price Tag.

The tournament will be NAF sanctioned and part of Danish Masters and Scandinavian Masters.

Take the opportunity to build the experimental roster you have always wanted to try and take the lead in the Danish Masters 2020.

General rules
We play by core rules and recommendations following NAF rules review of 1st of November 2020 – including the three extra races:

All the regular races can be found here – including the new and included Lizardmen list:

The tournament is a resurrection and no progression tournament, so every game is played with the roster you create before the tournament starts.

Goblins, halflings and ogres may buy Bribes and Halfling Master Cheff and ad them permanently to their roster.

Team Creation
Team Money
All teams gets 1,120,000 gp called Team Money. Team money can be used to create a roster.
The bottom tier teams may transfer Team Money to Skill Money.

Skill Money
All teams get an amount of gp depending on tiers called Skill Money. Skill Money can be used to buy skills, stats
Skill Money can be transferred to Team Money in tiers marked with “@”.

Skills and stats prices
Prices of skills and stat upgrades can be found the Price Tag VII 2020 Table

Stacking (giving one player several skills and/or stats)
Stacking skills and stats is allowed but no player may get more than three upgrades.
Stat or skill upgrades marked with “*” may not be combined with other stat or skill upgrades

Talents and skills
If a skill is picked as a “double” skill (ie. the player does not have the required talent), then add 20k to the skill price, and if the player has Loner then ad another 10k.

Admission: 120 DKK
Signup by contacting Tripleskull, Nicolai Overgaard Larsen, on messenger or
To order your ticket please send your PayPal payment to, or on mobile pay to 30480353.
In the notes section of your payment you must include
– email address – if you are not in this group
– NAF Name and Number (if you are not a member yet note the NAF nickname you want)

If you have never been a NAF member this price includes signup for the NAF and a one year NAF membership. No strings attached.

(if we have guests traveling far to get here we might start a bit later)
9:00 Doors Open
09:45 Round 1 starts
12:15 Lunch Break
13:00 Round 2
15:30 Coffe Break
15:45 Round 3
18:15 Dinner
19:00 Round 4
21:30 round 4 ends

GAMETIME is 2½ hour. If a game has not finished 5 minutes before the next round is supposed to start it will be put down as 0-0, 0-0. Make sure this does not happen.

2 Points are awarded for a victory, 1 Point for a Draw, 0 Points for a Loss, and -1 Point for a Concede.
In the case of equal point score in the table of standings the following tie-breaker is used:
• Touchdowns against
• Touchdowns for
• Opponents Score
• Casualties for (Any Casualty counts)

Look closely at the Price Tag rules and build your favorite rosters. When you have finally decided on one send your roster to by 29th of December and get +3 Fan factor.
If your roster is not approved beforehand you MUST bring it to the venue no later than 30 minutes before the first round. Failing to do this will mean that you must play with a standard roster build by the organizer.

Excel roster for Price Tag:

Painted miniatures are not mandatory but most people don’t like playing against unpainted miniatures.
We encourage you to use the following color coded bases:
• Grey/Black: Lineman
• Red: Blitzer
• Green: Blocker
• White: Thrower
• Yellow: Catcher, Runner.
If your opponent can’t easily recognize the different player types on your team, you must let him mark them somehow (without damaging the miniatures, of course).

The four minute rule is not enforced, but if the game is not proceeding according to the time schedule, the
referee may issue a timer, or battleclock with a fixed turn-time.
Any coach can put the game on a chess timer at any time if he has reason to worry that the time will be a problem. The player must provide the chess clock and abuse of this rule will not be tolerated.
In the event that someone is so late that the other player feels that it is appropriate to involve the organizers there will be a ruling on the spot.


Price Tag VII 2020 Table