Danish Master Series 2020

Winner was Tank!!

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due to Covid-19 a lot of the 2020 tournaments got canceled and the series was shortend. 

Danish Masters 2020 – Tournament Series is organized by Jaqra and Tripleskull.

The Series is comprised of several tournaments, arranged by different tournament Organizers.




    • Top five results from an attending coach will count.
    • All tournaments have a minimum of 3 rounds.
    • +10 to +1 points from top 10 placement, on a declining scale.
      In other words, a 1st-place finish would be worth 10 points, a 2nd-place finish would be worth 9 points, on down to a
      10th- place finish being worth 1 point.
    • +1 point per 10 places below them in the standings.
      (Examples: A coach finishing 1st in a 32-coach tournament would receive a bonus of +3 because there are 30+ coaches below them. A coach finishing 1st in an 11-coach tournament would receive a bonus of +1 because there are 10 coaches below them. A coach finishing first in a 10-coach tournament would receive no bonus because there are only 9 coaches below them.) In a team tournament, this is replaced by +1 point per three teams below yours in the standings. (Given to all participating coaches.)
    • +1 point per day of Tournament. (Given to all participating coaches.)
    • No organizer bonus.
    • Primary Tiebreaker: .1 points for each tournament a coach participates in.
  • Secondary Tiebreaker: Most first place finishes, if that is tied most second place finishes etc.


  • Separate Stunty Scoring (scoring is points scored PER won and drawn matches in tournaments), only 3 best tournaments will Count.
  • All Stunty teams also get the regular points in the regular series system.

Casualties and Touchdowns:

  • Top five results from an attending coach will count.
  • Tiebreaker: Net-casualties or Net-Touchdowns


Prizes will be awarded for:

  • 1st place: Painted team!
  • 2nd place: Painted Starplayer/Big guy
  • 3rd place:  Painted Starplayer/Big guy
  • Best Stunty coach: Painted Team!
  • Most Casualties caused: Painted Team!
  • Most Touchdowns scored: Painted Starplayer/Big guy

Tournament Series Organizer

Jakob Lærkes
Jaqra (19750)
Cell: +45 29128758

Nicolai Overgaard
Trippleskull (9524)

NAF Membership

This tournament is NAF sanctioned, which in turn means that you need to be a registered member of NAF.