ATV, No Stars Edition

Credits go out to Topper and Pete. For updating the ruleset for season 2 of Blood Bowl.
ATV (all team viable) rules 2022 is made to support the new season 2 of our beloved game. Together with the update, we have also tried to simplify the rules.


General rules:


We play by the official second season rules and recommendations following “Rules for NAF Tournaments 2022” – including the one extra race (Slann):

All the Races can be found here:

Current teams 

Recommended ATV roster tool for team building, with build in calculations:
View Roster Sheet or ATV No STARS Roster

The tournament is a resurrection and no progression tournament, so every game is played with the roster you create before the tournament starts.


Team Creation:


Every team gets 1,100,000 GPs to spend in accordance with the standard rules for creating a blood bowl roster.


Any inducements bought are added permanently to your roster and bought from the teams Gold Pieces (GPs).

Assistant coaches, Bribes, Cheerleaders, Halfling Master Chef, Mortuary assistant, Plague doctor and Weather mage are allowed.

Teams with the Bribery and corruption rules: Black Orcs, Goblins, Snotlings and Underworld purchase bribes at a prize of 50.000 gp.

A team with the Sneaky Git skill, can not also hire a Bribe.

Teams with the Halfling thimble cup rules can purchase a Halfling master chef at a prize of 100.000 gp.

Skills and SPP:

All teams get Star player points (SPP) to purchase skills
A chosen Primary skill can be given to a rookie player for 6 SPP.
A chosen Secondary skill can be given to a rookie player for 12 SPP.
A player that has already been given one Skill, can be given a second Skill in the form of:

  • a chosen Primary Skill for another 8 SPP.
  • or a chosen Secondary Skill for another 14 SPP.
  • No player can be given more than two extra skills.

SPP for Gold

It is possible to convert up to 12 SPPs into GPs used for team creation or inducements.

Exchange rate is 3 SPPs for 20.000 GPs.

Examples and clarification

  • Picking Guard on a Longbeard as a Primary skill costs you 6 SPPs.
  • You may then pick a second skill on the Longbeard you already gave Guard. This could be Stand Firm as a second Primary skill for the price of another 8 SPPs, for a total of 14 SPPs.
  • Or you could pick Side step as a Secondary skill 14 SPPs for a total of 20 SPPs.
  • You might pick Block on an Ogre as a Secondary skill for 12 SPPs.
  • You may then pick Frenzy as another Secondary skill on the Ogre you already gave Block – for the price of another 14 SPPs, for a total of 26 SPPs.



Tier 0 – 36 SPPs

  • Dark Elves, Dwarves, Lizardmen, Norse, Shambling Undead, Wood Elves

Tier 1 – 42 SPPs

  • Amazon (Spike 15), Chaos Dwarf, Necromantic, Orcs, Underworld Denizens,  Vampires, Skaven

Tier 2 – 48 SPPs

  •  Elven Union, Human, Khorne

Tier 3 – 54 SPPs

  • Chaos Chosen, Chaos Renegades, High Elves, Imperial nobility, Khemri Tomb Kings, Old World Alliance, Slann

Tier 4 – 60 SPPs

  • Black Orc, Daemons of Khorne, Nurgle, Gnomes

Tier 5 – 66 SPPs

  • Goblins, Halflings, Ogres, Snotling

    Variations (Optional rules)

    If the tournament organizer decides to do so, the following options can be added without upsetting the game balance too much.

    Allow some or all of the following inducements (From the Core rule book)

    • First cheerleader can be purchased for 5k. 
    • Bribes available for all teams
    • Riotous rookies
    • Biased referee
    • Bloodweiser kegs
    • (In)famous coaching staff