Scandinavian Masters (SCAM)

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The Scandinavian Masters series is an open Blood Bowl tournament series.

All tournaments must meet the following requirements to be part of the series:

  1. Be played in Scandinavia
  2. Be part of a national tournament series in a Scandinavian nation
  3. Be NAF-sanctioned and have a minimum of 4 game rounds.
  4. Announce on the SCAM-forum at least two months in advance of the tournament that it is running and is part of SCAM.
  5. Not be excluded by a ¾ vote in the SCAM-committee consisting of a representative from the participating nations.

The Committee can give dispensation from any of the above with a ¾ majority vote if they find reason to do so.

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When does it run
The series will run between Eurobowl and Eurobowl/World Cup in any given year. This means the first series will start to run after the World Cup in Dornbirn. The trophies will be awarded at the end at either Eurobowl or World Cup.

What does it cost?

Participating is free of charge and we will rely on donations for the glittering prizes.

What do I win?

The winner will receive the coveted NAF tournament series winner – award alongside a trophy that will be handed out at Eurobowl 2020. Further prizes pending the size of the donation pool.

How do I win?

Your five best tournaments scores will count. Your five best tournament scores + bonus points (see below) = Total score.


  • Total number of attended tournaments (higher number wins)
  • Number of first place finishes
  • Number of 2nd place finishes
  • Coin toss

Scoring in a tournament

First off you get  your placements points. Points for placement are number of attendants minus 2 to a maximum of 10 descending by one point from top placement and down to 10th place. Confused? It simply means you need 12 players in your tournament to get 10 points for the win!

In other words, a 1st-place finish would be worth 10 points (given a minimum of 12 participants), a 2nd-place finish would be worth 9 points, on down to a 10th- place finish being worth 1 point. In case of say 10 participants, first place would be worth 8 points (10-2).

Furthermore you get:
+1 point per 10 places below them in the standings.
+1 point per day of Tournament. That means simply playing in a 2 day tournament will score you two points!

A coach finishing 1st in a 32-coach tournament over two days would receive a bonus of +3 because there are 30+ coaches below them. It would also get +2 points for the two days plus the 10 points for the win and would be earning 10+3+2= 15 points for that particular tournament

A coach finishing fourth in a 17-player 1 day tournament will earn (7 (placement)+1(more than 10 behind) +1 (1 day tournament) = 9 points.

Bonus Points

This being a Scandinavians series it is all about getting around and showing off your mad bloodbowl skills to your friends across the border. Every coach gets 4 bonus points (“country bonus”) for attending a tournament in a new Scandinavian country.  Only applicable once per country so that playing in all four countries (Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden) would add 16 points to your total score. The country bonus is added to your total score regardless of how you perform in that particular tournament.

But what about team tournaments?
In a team tournament you will score points in the exact same way, assuming the team tournament keep a record of individual scoring.

Separate Stunty Cup:

  • Scoring is points scored in a tournament (Win a = 2 points, Draw = 1 point)
  • 3 best tournaments will Count
  • All Stunty teams also get the regular points in the regular series system.

Follow the action

Standings and tournaments that are part of the series can be found at

For donation: Contact Jan “inforthepain” Andersson

Organisational Committee: Robin Wigstrand, Øyvind Straume, Nicolai Overgaard Larsen and Joel Hulkkonen