Pasila Blood bowl Bash

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Date - 02-02-2020
9:30 - 20:00

Poromagia Fight club

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Team creation:

– 1100k for a standard building a team and the inducements
– minimum 11 players must be included in a team and no more than 16 including one star player
– at least 11 standard roster players before any star player
– 0-8 Re-Rolls
– Assistant coaches
– Cheerleaders
– 0-1 Apothecary or Igor, depending on race
– 0-9 Fan Factor
– Inducements. The cost will be as following and will count for all 6 games:
– 0-2 Bloodweiser Kegs for each 50 k
– 0-3 Bribes for each 100 k, for Goblins only for each 50 k
– 0-1 Masterchef for 300 k, for Halflings only 100 k
– 0-1 NAF-approved star players for their regular cost

Additional cash:

You can use additonal cash afer spending whole starting budget. Each non spend amount from startng budget is lost and cannot be used with additonal one. Each team has additonal cash based on their Tier that can be spent on additonal skills, players, star players and inducements.
The cost of the additonal skill is:
– 20k for normal skill
– 30k for double skills
– maximum one player in each team can stack an additonal skill, the second of the stacked skill costs 30k, both skills have to be normal skills
– maximum one player in each team from tier 1-3 can have one double skill
– maximum two players in each team from tier 4-6 can have one double skill
– star players may not receive additonal skills
– the Skill “Piling On” will be used according to Death Zone 1, i.e. Team Re-Roll is required to use.


Tier 1 – 100k for skills/players/star players/inducements
Amazons, Dark Elves, Dwarves, Lizardmen, Norse, Wood Elves, Undead

Tier 2 – 120k for skills/players/star players/inducements
Chaos Dwarves, Orcs, Skaven, Necromantc

Tier 3 – 140k for skills/players/star players/inducements
Bretonnians, Humans, Chaos

Tier 4 – 170k for skills/players/star players/inducements
Chaos Renegades, Elf Union, High Elves, Khemri, Nurgle, Slann

Tier 5 – 200k for skills/players/star players/inducements
Daemons of Khorne, Underworld Denizens, Vampires

Tier 6 – 230k for skills/players/star players/inducements
Goblins, Halfings, Ogres

Scoring system:

– Win is worth 3 points.
– A draw is worth 1 point.
– A loss worth 0 points.


– In the event of an equal score, the frst tie breaker will be individual score based on the W/D/L of the individuals in the team.
– The second tie breaker will be Head to Head for the respective Nations or Teams.
– The third tie breaker will be Strength of Schedule.
– The fourth tie breaker will be Team NET TD + NET CAS
– The fifth tie breaker will be coin toss.

Paint and miniatures

All the miniatures needs to be painted. Metal, plastic, resin and base coat is not counting.
The miniatures doesn’t have to be original GW-minis. However the miniatures must be representative for the roster’s race and players (ie a Norse thrower must look like a Norse thrower) and be easily recognizable from other positionals.
If your opponent can’t easily recognize the different player types on your team, you must let him mark them somehow (without damaging the miniatures, of course). This could be with bottle caps or colored rings etc.

Rules for fairplay:

In order to ensue a tournament in good sport and the best fun for everybody there are a series of rules that can be agreed upon by both coaches in their mutual game.
A rule you have agreed upon is fixed afterwards – unless both coaches agree to cancel it again.
Aside from this there is also a single rule to ensure both coaches feels the dices are, if not even, at least the same.1) You must allow your opponent to use your dice if he so wishes.2) If the game comes under the time rules (see below). You can mutually agree that a player who runs out of time isnĀ“t forced to abandon all voluntary actions. In that case both players share the same time pool and the game will end when the time runs out, and the current score at this time will count.

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