Bloodfall III

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Date - 24-10-2020
9:30 - 22:30

Bloody Fields

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In the Blood red hills of Vejle, the ground is soaked in pools of blood, and the blood-crazed crowd is known to disregard what team they traveled there with, cheering for whom ever satisfies their bloodlust.
4 games in 1 day, following the All Teams Viable rules found at this link ( ).
With the following additional rules:
Blood-Crazed Crowd: Fame is rolled for as normal at the start of the game, but he crowd being quick to forget where their loyalties lie at the sight of blood, will root for whoever made the last casualty. Therefore, when the first cas is made, the +1 fame counter is handed to the coach who caused it. When the opposing team causes a casualty the counter is handed over to them, until the other coach again causes a casualty, and so on (kind of like the old rule for “I got my eye on you”) This carries over into the second half. A counter will be handed out at the event.
Pools of Blood: Every Blood Bowl pitch in Vejle is soaked in blood, and can no longer absorb the new blood that continues to spill on it. There for, any new casualty will cause a pool of blood to form with its center in the square where the casualty occurs. The pool flows into the adjacent squares, covering nine squares in total. This makes the ground where the pool is very wet and slippery. Any pickup roll made in a pool of blood and any GFI made going into a pool, has a -1 modifier. These modifiers do NOT stack in the case of multiple pools overlapping the same square(s).
In the case of Rain or Blizzard, all Pools of Blood are removed, as the Rain/Ice deludes the blood. In addition, no new Polls of Blood will form, while there is Rain or Blizzard. In addition all pools of blood are removed during half time, as small bloodthirsty deamons lick the pitch clean..
Red transparent markers will be provided, to mark the Polls of Blood.
Tournament is NAF sanctioned. NAF membership can be bought/renewed for 50 dkr.
Price: 150 dkr.
Including prizes, breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Soda and beer can be bought at 5 dkr. a piece on location. (mobilepay accepted)
Apply by paying via mobilepay to Ulrik (+45 61699456) and giving your name and NAF-number in the text
Contact Ulrik (Organiser) in case of any questions