Winter Sleet

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Date - 15-02-2020
All Day

SpareBank 1 SR-Bank

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Additional information
08:30 Registration
09:15 Round 1
11:45 Lunch Break
12:30 Round 2
15:00 Very hot Coffe Break
15:20 Round 3
17:50 Dinner
18:45 Round 4
21:15 Awards Ceremony

Team creation:
– 1100k gold to be used for standard team building and inducements
– A minimum of 11 players and a maximum of 16 are to be rostered. Star players can only be bought once 11 players are bought and a star player cannot take the roster to 17 players.
– 0-8 Re-Rolls
– Assistant coaches
– Cheerleaders
– 0-1 Apothecary or Igor, depending on race
– 0-9 Fan Factor
– Inducements. The cost will be as following and will count for all 6 games:
– 0-2 Bloodweiser Kegs for each 50 k
– 0-3 Bribes for 100k each, for Goblins 50k each
– 0-1 Master chef for 300k, for Halflings 100k
– 0-1 NAF-approved star players for their regular cost
Additional cash:
The additional cash as listed below cannot be combined with the initial team creation budget. This additional cash can be spend on additional skills, players, star players, inducements, assistant coaches, cheerleaders or fan factor.

The cost of the additional skills are:
– 20k for normal skills
– 30k for double skills
– maximum one player in each team can stack an additional skill, the second skill costs 30k. Both skills have to be normal skills
– maximum one player in each team from tier 1-3 can have one double skill
– maximum two players in each team from tier 4-6 can have one double skill
– star players may not receive additional skills
– the Skill “Piling On” will be used according to Death Zone 1, i.e. Team Re-Roll is required.
– Initial budget and additional cash are discrete. First You need to spend initial budget and then get additional cash. But as mentioned above additional cash can still be used to buy Fan Factor for example.
Tier 1 – 100k for skills/players/star players/inducements
Amazons, Dark Elves, Dwarves, Lizardmen, Norse, Wood Elves, Undead
Tier 2 – 120k for skills/players/star players/inducements
Chaos Dwarves, Orcs, Skaven, Necromantc
Tier 3 – 140k for skills/players/star players/inducements
Bretonnians, Humans, Chaos
Tier 4 – 170k for skills/players/star players/inducements
Chaos Renegades, Elf Union, High Elves, Khemri, Nurgle, Slann
Tier 5 – 200k for skills/players/star players/inducements
Daemons of Khorne, Underworld Denizens, Vampires
Tier 6 – 230k for skills/players/star players/inducements
Goblins, Halfings, Ogres

Scoring system for individuals:
– An individual win is worth 2 points.
– A draw is worth 1 point.
– A loss worth 0 points.

– In the event of an equal score, the first tie breaker will be Strength of Schedule.
– The second tie breaker will be Team NET TD
– The third tie breaker will be NET CAS
– The fourth tie breaker will be coin toss.

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