Stairway to Seven II

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Date - 02-10-2021
All Day


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You must provide a valid corona-pass in order to play in the event. If you have a exemption from using a Corona-pass contact the organizers BEFORE the event.
09:00 Registration
09:45 Round 1
11:00 Round 2
12:15 Lunch Break
13:15 Round 3
14:30 Round 4
15:45 Smoke Break
16:15 Round 5
17:30 Round 6
Please bring your biggest smile and a printed roster
T O Jakob Laerkes, Jaqra and Anton Lunau, AntonLunau
2 Points are awarded for a victory.
1 Point for a Draw.
0 Points for a Loss.
Tiebreaker used:
Opponents score
Net casualties
casualties for
casualties against
Gametime is 1 hour 15 minutes. First game will be longer
Admission: 75 DKK
Signup by contacting on Jakob on messenger.
Payment via mobilepay on 29128758 with you NAF-name and NAF-Number.
if you are from a country other than Danmark you can just pay at the door.
Players who have sent a roster and payed the admission fee by wednesday the 9th, will get 1 extra cheerleader and 1 extra assistant coach.
Rosters should be sent in a readable format on messenger, preferably as a pdf or picture.
Stairway to Seven II
We play by Core and Death Zone Sevens rules (Deatzone P90) and recommendations following “Rules for NAF Tournaments 2021” – including the two extra races (Daemons of Khorne & Slann):…/NAF-Rules-for-Tournaments-2021
All the races can be found here:…/blood-bowl
Recommended roster tool for team building:…/excel-roster…/
The tournament is a resurrection and no progression tournament, so every game is played with the roster you create before the tournament starts except for random skills.
In addition, the following kickoff rules are used: KICK-OFF: In Sevens, when the ball is kicked off 2D6 are rolled to determine scatter and the lower result is used. Kicks may be aimed at the area between the two LoS, however, for the purposes of resolving the kick-off event (including skills e.g. Kick-Off Return), the area between the two LoS is considered the opponent’s half
Team Creation:
• Teams may be purchased using 600,000 Gold
• Star Players, (In)famous Coaching Staff, Mercenaries and Extra Training are removed from the inducements list.
• See Deathzone p92 for rules about sideline staff
• A team may not have fewer than 7 or more than 11 players on the roster. A team will only field 7 players at a time
• Only 4 “specialist” players (meaning any player whose availability is less than 0-12) may be selected. In addition, a team can take 0-1 player with the Stunty trait.
• Sevens teams are not very well-trained or reliable. Team re-rolls cost double their listed cost. For example, a re-roll for a Human team would cost 100,000 Gold
Team Tiers:
Teams get a number of random skills based on tier.
Tier 1: (1 starting skill, roll 2, pick 1)
Dark Elf, Human, Skaven, Underworld, Wood Elf, Amazon
Tier 2: (2 starting skills, roll 2, pick 1)
Elf Union, Lizardmen, Dwarf, High Elf, Necromantic Horror, Shambling Undead, Chaos Dwarf, Imperial Nobility, Norse, Old World Alliance, Orc, Chaos Chosen
Tier 3: (3 starting skills, roll 2, pick 1)
Chaos Renegade, Black Orc, Daemons of Khorne, Nurgle, Slann, Vampire, Tomb King
Tier 4: (4 starting skills, roll 2, pick 1)
Goblin, Halfling, Ogre, Snotling
Please note that these tiers differ from the ones in the rules
Assigning and rolling skills:
• Skills are rolled before each round, for that round only.
• For each skill-roll you can choose: Assign a random primary skill to specific player or Assign a Random secondary or primary skill to a random player.
• You assign all skill-rolls before making any rolls
• A player can be assigned more than one skill
• For each skill-rolls you get two random skill rolls, and chooses one of those to keep. If duplicate skills or an illegal skill (strong arm for non-big guy) is rolled you must reroll on the same category.
• Team will receive 1 additional skill after round 3
Skill tables (D12)
D12 General Strength Agility Passing Mutation
1 Block Arm Bar Catch Accurate Big Hand
2 Dauntless Brawler Diving Catch Cannoneer Claws
3 Dirty Player Break Tackle Diving Tackle Cloud Burster Dist Presence
4 Fend Grab Dodge Dump-off Extra Arms
5 Frenzy Guard Defensive Fumblerooskie Foul Appearance
6 Kick Juggernaut Jump Up Hail Mary Pass Horns
7 Pro Mighty Blow Leap Leader Iron Hard Skin
8 Shadowing Multiple Block Safe Hair of Hands Nerves of Steel Mounstrous Mouth
9 Strip Ball Pile Driver Sidestep On the Ball Prehensile Tail
10 Sure Hands Stand Firm Sneaky Git Pass Tentacles
11 Tackle Strong Arm Sprint Running Pass Two Heads
12 Wrestle Thick Skull Sure Feet Safe Pass Very Long Legs