Danish Open 2021

Danish Open 2021 Blood bowl
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Date - 16-10-2021 - 17-10-2021
All Day

Danish Open 2021

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Danish Open 2021 (home of the stars) 16th-17th of October 2021
UPDATES: 19-09: Dinner saturday evening is now included in the price, it will consist of a Thai buffet with 13 different courses.
Welcome Blood bowlers, to the annual Danish open, with plenty of prizes and swag.
The ruleset will be the famous Danish ATV ruleset which is evaluated every year for optimal use. Link for ATV ruleset.: https://www.bloodbowl.dk/atv-2021/ With addition that the first cheerleader costs 5k.
Roster for team creation can be found here: Roster Tool
Rosters should be sent to pete@bloodbowl.dk, any rosters sent before 1st of October will recieve a bonus of +1 Assistant Coach and +1 Cheerleader.
With a lot of new stars showing up in the blood bowl world, we are looking to secure everyone has a chance to play with some of them, and therefore we will every year from 2020 do a star player as a handout. Last year it was IVAN “The Animal” DeadShroud! This year is going to be this miniature! chainsaw starplayer representing “Max Spleenripper”
PAINTING CONTEST We will host a new version of painting contest, when you sign up for Danish open 2021 and want to be in the painting contest, we will ship you the miniature, and you will bring it painted for the tournament. where all contestants will vote on the differently painted miniature. If you want to take part in the painting contest contact pete@bloodbowl.dk and he will send you a miniature (at cost of shipping) that should be painted and brought to the tournament.
VENUE It will be located in the center of Aarhus, Hjarnøgade 7, 8000 Aarhus.
PRIZES. There will be prizes for the following contests.
1st 2nd 3rd Place (first prize a painted team) Best Dane, as the national champion. Most Touchdowns Most Casualties Best Defence Best Painted (Remember to sign up for it when you pay for Danish open to get your mini) Best Newcommer (max 5 tournament prior to Danish open 2020) Wooden Spoon
Beer & Soda will be sold at reasonable prices at the venue. (all foreigners will receive first beverage for free as a special treat)
Program Saturday.: 8.30-9.00 Registration 9.00-9.15 Introduction 9.15-11.45 Game 1 11.45-12.30 Lunch break (loads of food vendors in the area) 12.30-15.00 game 2 15.00-15.15 Break 15.15-17.45 game 3 17.45-18.30 Dinner Break 18.30-21.00 Game 4 21.00- off to explore the local bars, if corona restrictions don’t prevent this.
Program Sunday.: 8.30-8.45 Swapping of remedies for hang over! 8.45-11.15 Game 5 11.15-12.00 Lunch break 12.00-14.30 Game 6 14.30-15.00 Awards ceremony
*Notice that playing into the breaks will not be allowed, we have a clock timer running during all games and 2,5 hours should be enough for each game*
price for this tournament is 40€ or 300 dkr. Payment via mobilepay (41694783) or paypal at pete@bloodbowl.dk (please transfer as friend) and remember to let me know if you want to participate in the painting contest.
See you at the tournament Pete