Copenhagen Team Draft 2

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Date - 23-11-2019
9:00 - 22:00


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The Copenhagen team draft

Hot on the heels of the Blood Bowl NAF World Cup comes the “Copenhagen team draft Part ll ” a Eurobowl warm up event.

The Rules are like those at the Eurobowl 2020 ruleset coming soon

with the exceptions and amendments as listed below (primarily 2 coaches in a squad, 4 round tournament with a funky draft of all teams before round 1 and adjustments to make these three changes work… oh and fun lots of Blood Bowl fun.

November 23 2019

Blågårds Plads 5 2200 København N

The Squad consist of 2 coaches. They have to play different races, just like at the eurobowl 2020

There will only be one team of every race, unless the number of participants exceed the number of races. Before round 1 all squads are randomly given a number between 1 and x( x is the number of squads in the tournament). The first squad gets to choose their team-race first and their second team-race last, nr 2 squad gets to choose second and second to last and so on. The organizers will provide a very competitive roster for each race, however you will get 20 min to adjust your roster, and formulate a strategy for your squad. After all rosters are locked, we will draw the first round at random and the opponents within the squads at the first round is also chosen at random. Round 2, 3 and 4 are completed as per the normal rules of the eurobowl 2020, and everyone keeps their initial team.

Price and Registration
Payment equals registration: the price is 150DKK/ 20 € per coach
Payment should be no later than November 1 2018
Pay to paypal or for danes then mobilepay nr: 24418184
Please include the following info: Squad-name, NAF-name and NAF-number
Please note that non naf members must add 75DKK / 10€, this will get you one year NAF subscription

Bonuses for being a good coach
+1 fan factor for paying on time

Team creation
See officia eurobowl 2020 (comming soon )

Tournament rules
The tournament is 4 rounds in total.
Game time is 2 hours and 15 min, if you wish to continue into breaks you can do it, if both coaches agree. All matches must be finished 15 min before the next round, or the organisers become sad… sad organisers are predisposed to make evil rulings.

First round is random draw. Subsequent rounds will be swissdraw. The best placed squads will be seated on the tables with the lowest numbers. The best placed coach within each squad plays against each other.

All points and tiebreakers are set as at the eurobowl 2020

09:00 Registration
09:10 Organizers become cranky if you haven’t showed up
09:15 The big draft, Choosing your team
09:45 Tweaking your roster
10:15 Game 1 (day 1 skills)
12:30 Lunch break
13:00 Game 2 (day 1 skills)
15:15 Short break
15:30 Game 3 (day 2 skills)
17:45 Dinner
18:30 Game 4 (day 2 skills)
20:45 Artificial break were the organizers figure out the score
21:00 Awards Ceremony
22:00 Everything is definitely over, and you can go out for drinks, home or just that special place that makes you happy

Prize for the winning squad. 2nd squad and 3rd squad.
Prize for Most Casualties.
Prize for Most Touchdowns.
Wooden spoons!
The Raffel for the Danish open (1 random squat )

You do not have to show up with your own miniatures for this tournament, since we do not guarantee that you can play your favorite race. The organisers will try to arrange miniatures for most races, however, we might be struggling to cover all bases. So if you have a nice team already painted and ready to go, that you don’t mind another one potentially using for the day, we would love the helping hand. Please let us know before november 17 2018.


The fine print
The four minute rule is not enforced, but if the game is not proceeding according to the time schedule, the organiser may require that the rest of the game will be played on a timer(battleclock). Any coach can request a timer at any time.The organisers strongly recommend introducing a timer, if the second half has not started after 1½ hours.

Should one player ignore the timer, that player will automatically concede his game.

If you are including a Star Player, you must have 11 players on your team BEFORE hiring him. Having 10 players plus a Star is not allowed.
If two teams play each other and have the same star player, the star player will play the game for both teams. Please read here if in doubt: eurobowl 2020 (comming soon )

The miniatures don’t have to be from a specific manufacturer.
We encourage you to use the following color coded bases:
Grey/Black: Lineman – Red: Blitzer – Green: Blocker – White: Thrower – Yellow: Catcher, Runner.
If your opponent can’t easily recognize the different player types on your team, then mark them somehow, without damaging the miniatures.

Teams and skills
All inducements must be on the roster.
All skills must be chosen before the draw for round 1 is made.
All teams are considered equal in TV despite actual TV.
All 26 teams are available, including Chaos Pact, Slann, Underworld, Khorne and Bretonnia
All injuries are reset after each game. Each game will start with a fresh roster.

Dice must be easily recognized. If a Coach cannot accept your dice, you must play with standard dice (official NAF-dice).
If a Coach requests to use your dice, you must “share” dice.

Everything else
If it is not listed here, it is according to the World cup 19 rules –

If in doubt the Organisers have the final word.

Best regards.
MissSweden, Iltempogigante and runestone.