Narrow Tier Blood Bowl (NTBB)

Plasmoid explains Narrow Tier Blood Bowl here.

The NTBB Rules consists of 2 components – each can be used without the other, but I recommend using them together:

  • The CRP+ List: 8 house rules to improve CRP Blood Bowl and 2 buffs to the underwhelming tier 1 teams (Humans and Khemri) – all co-written and approved by the two most prominent members of the BBRC, Tom Anders and Ian Williams.
  • The NTBB Rosters – house rule roster tweaks to 10 of the BB teams, to put all of the teams on more equal footing.
If you wish to try the Narrow Tier Blood Bowl, then feel free to play with the Copenhagen Blood Bowl Association. Right in the heart of Copenhagen. We use the NTBB rules in our league.

It will be possible to play via email, and upload your results.