GardenBowl Hamlet Edition

Event Details

To Be or Not to be, a contender at GardenBowl Hamlet edition, that´s the question?

Welcome blood bowlers, we are proud to present this years version of the anual GardenBowl, Hamlet edition, since it will be located in Elsinore, the city of Hamlet at.:
Esrumvej 291 3000 Helsingør.
If you come from abroad by flight, there is direct line from airport to Elsinore, around 1 hour trip, and if we can we will pick you up at Elsinore station, else there are 2-3 buslines that goes by venue.
Should you be interested in the sights, let us know,
and we will do our best to help you.

The Tournament will be held the 25th of August from 9.00-22.30 with the possibility of afterparty, and sleep over, people from abroad will be prioritized, but the option for camping is also there.
During the Tournament there will be all you can eat and drink, with breaks during the way. We have asked a local chef to be in charge of the feast (See Menu) it will contain Breakfeast, lunch and dinner.

Breakfeast.: Bakers Bread and Pastry with Danish cold cuts.
Lunch.: Quality Home made Sandwiches ( Ham and Cheese or Chicken Bacon)
Dinner.: Slow roasted Pig or Veal Filet with salat and different potatoes (Depending on contestants and weather)
In the rare chance you are vegatarian, plz inform us and we will do our best to accomidate you.

Prizes for.:
• 1 place, 2 place, 3 place
• Most casulties
• Most touchdowns
• Most Beer
• Wooden spoon
* Stunty (A Painted miniature) Sponsored by 2 Drunk Flings Podcast and Warball. (Painted by Liam Johnson)
In addition to these there will be hand outs for all contestants.
Rules are Tv1100 and further explained here.: (Any questions feel free to ask)
This tournament will be NAF-Aproved and part of danish Tournament Series Sponsored by Greebo.
Swiss Draw
Tiebreaker is Beers consumed!
Price for the feast all included is 50€ or 350 DKr. sleep over, camping and parking free.
Payment by Paypal to.: (Remember Naf Nick)
Best Wishes.

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