Body Bag Bowl

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Body Bag Bowl

Legend goes that in 2490, a especially deadly game between The Elfheim Eagles and The Red Skinks occurred. To every ones surprise, the elvish Eagles beat the living light out of all Red Skinks and every single Red Skink had to be dragged off the field in body bags. A unknown Eagle shouted to the Slann head coach “you guys need more body bags” and hence the tournament was known as the Body Bag Bowl and the legendary game as “The Body Bag Game”.

The Body Bag Game: To honorer the game that gives the tournament its name, there will be a extra price for the winner of the Body Bag Game, the game with most casualties.

Date: 2nd of february- Time: 09:00 -21:00
Venue: Rogue Trader København Harsdorffsvej 8A, 1874 Frederiksberg

08:30 Registration
09:00 Round 1
11:30 Lunch Break
12:15 Round 2
14:45 Coffe Break
15:00 Round 3
17:30 Dinner
18:15 Round 4
20:45 Awards Ceremony

Please bring your biggest smile and a printed roster

Troels Panduro

2 Points are awarded for a victory.
1 Point for a Draw.
0 Points for a Loss.

Tiebreaker used:
Net casualties + Net TDs
Strength of schedule

Tournament Resurrection style.
All injuries are reset after each game. Each game will start with a fresh roster.

Gametime is 2½ hour
Orcanizer will make an announcement at half-time.

Admission: 110 DKK or 15 EUR
60DKK for members of Rogue Trader
Signup by contacting Troels Panduro on messenger.
Payment via mobilepay on 23 95 22 02 with you NAF-name and NAF-Number.
if you are from a country other than Danmark you can just pay at the door.
Players who have registered, payed and sent in a roster before the 27th of January will recive +1 FF.


Ruinous Round 4: Nobody loves body bags like the ruinous powers, so all teams gains their favor before round 4. After you know who you gonna play, you can assign 2 mutations to your team for 2 different linemen. The players who get the mutations must be lineman positioning type (0-12 or 0-16) on your team and may not have additional skills assigned before the tournament. You must clearly identify which players have what mutation and make sure your opponent knows what you have chosen before the game starts.

All 26 teams are available, including Slann, Khorne and Bretonnia.
Can’t take Piling On, as it is not in BB2016.
All teams are considered equal in TV despite actual TV.

We play according to the BB2016, Death Zone, Errata, FAQ, Teams of Legend and spike; se the naf approved rulles from November 2018
link here for clarifications.

NAF-approved Star Players and latest Stars from Spike magazines are allowed.
If two teams play each other and have the same star player, the star player will sit the game out.
Note you must have 11 players before adding a ny starplayer

Miniatures: The miniatures don’t have to be from a specific manufacturer.

We encourage you to use the following color coded bases:
Grey/Black: Lineman – Red: Blitzer – Green: Blocker – White: Thrower – Yellow: Catcher, Runner.
If your opponent can’t easily recognize the different player types on your team, then mark them somehow

First round is random draw. Subsequent rounds will be swissdraw.
The best placed coaches will be seated on the tables with low numbers.

The four minute rule is not enforced, but if the game is not proceeding according to the time schedule, the
referee may issue a timer. The referee can issue a timer, or battleclock, with a fixed turn-time.

Dice must be easily recognized.
We recommend everyone to use the official NAF Block dice, and clearly point out what a given logo on a dice is(Either a 1 or a 6.)
If a Coach cannot accept your dice, you must play with standard dice.

If a Coach requests to use your dice, you must “share” dice.

There will be Prize for…
The Winner,
Winner of the Body Bag Game.
Prize for Most Casualties.
2nd place
Prize for Most Touchdowns.
The wooden spoon
and Prize for the Stunty Cup Winner. (if more than two team attend)


In doubt the Orcanizer has the final word.